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2020 news:

hi everybody,

I hope you are all ok and surviving during these strange times. I have kinda stepped away from social media and posting due to all the events going on in our world. It all made me dip into nature more and explore my surroundings.

Over the years I have bought and sold hundreds of cameras for myself to use and explore and also helped out friends/family find the right camera for they're lives. Ive decided to open a section on my website where I will be selling vintage film cameras, lenses and darkroom equipment. Also I'm super happy to get the ok from my bro Felix in Spain the creator of the beautiful hand made leather camera straps "Lucida". I've been using these straps for around 6 or 7 years, hands down the most beautiful/stylish and rugged camera strap you can find will be found in my store.

you'll find all sorts of cameras from rangefinders, reflex's, medium formats, large formats to even plastic holga's.

stay tuned!! should be up in the next week or so.


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James Hirsch
James Hirsch
2020년 8월 30일

Great to see your posts. All is well 'cept for I am missing the music something

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