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2003- group expo of empired squared artist community.  paintings. Smug's Gallery, Eureka, Ca. USA.


2012- Solo exhibition, titled "Blow-Up". Blow Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

         - Permanent Exhibition, Iori Hotel. Viehla. Spain.

         - Solo Exhibition, Contrast Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

2013- Solo Exhibition titled "Japan a Camera and I" Cafe Royale. Barcelona, Spain.

        - Solo Exhibition titled "Closing Chapters" Shamrock Gallery, Hiroshima, Japan.


2015- group expo, Maison Folie Wazemmes. France

         - Solo exhibition "japan a camera and i" Relax Photo, Warsaw, Poland.


2016- Solo exhibition Shipwreck Gallery “Women”  Eureka, CA. USA


2017- Group exhibition, Leica Gallery Seoul, South Korea

         - Solo exhibition “dreams” Hiroshima, Japan.

         - Group exhibition "Chronotope" Studio E Gallery, Seattle Washington.


2019- Solo Exhibition titled "Model 3255"  Log, Hiroshima Japan 

         - Solo Exhibition titled "Model 3255" Paper Street Gallery, Seoul South Korea

         - Solo Exhibition titled "Model 3255" Nomad Brewing Comapany, Jeonju South Korea

         - Solo Exhibition titled "Model 3255" Milan Photo Festival, Spazio Raw Gallery. Milan Italy.

         - Solo Exhibition titled "Model 3255" Alma Hotel. Barcelona, Spain.

2020 - Group show with And The Last Waves photo collective.  Jeonju Photo Festival, Jeonju South Korea.




- LFI Magazine. Leica Fotografie International, March

- Leica Myself Book

- Best of Leica Español 2013 Book


- LFI Magazine. Leica Fotografie International, February

- Plateform Magazine. issue N'86

- [DNG] Photo Magazine n.117 



-LFI Magazine. Leica Fotografie International, January


-LF Mag Spain #4


LFI Magazine. Leica Fotografie International,  Feb, March (Super sensory LFI Challange)


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